Huawei HoloSens Video Surveillance System

Huawei HoloSens Video Surveillance System
D Series C Series M Series X Series
Inclusive AI Basic AI Professional AI Ultimate AI
1 TOPS 1 TOPS 1 ~ 2 TOPS 4 ~ 20 TOPS
Excellent low-light performance Video quality diagnosis – an industry first Dual-lens PTZ dome camera, which captures both panoramic and detailed imagery Eco-Cube camera, performs with no wired networks, grid power, light pollution, or onsite O&M
Intrusion detection, behavior analysis, traffic flow statistics, and more 5MP @ 30 fps, delivering clearer imagery Dual-spectrum imaging camera, ultimate image quality Compound-eye camera, one camera for multiple purposes
    5G camera, reliable video transmission AI super low-light checkpoint camera with no light pollution
      SuperColor, producing no light pollution and delivering full-color images around the clock
      SDC shares intelligence with generic cameras

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