Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Today's enterprises have developed in the direction of networking, information and intelligence. Among them, electronic office has become an irreplaceable working method for various office places. File cabinets have become less and less common, replaced by computers. Computers have become the primary tool for data processing and storage. The hard disk is an important part of the computer. Compared with other components of the computer, the hard disk has a more important meaning as a place to store and read data. At the same time, the hard disk is also a place where problems are more likely to occur. At any time, you will encounter problems caused by the destruction or loss of data on the hard disk for various reasons, causing great inconvenience and even significant losses. Although the hard disk is not the most expensive component in terms of cost value, since it is the place where the data is stored, the value of the hard disk cannot be expressed only by the price, and the so-called hard disk valuable data is invaluable. Therefore, at this time, data recovery is extremely important. Based on a strong team of experts and years of experience in data recovery, We provide a variety of data recovery services and password recovery services for enterprise users and individual users, including the following aspects:

First, data recovery services

  • Equipment Types: servers, desktops, notebooks, smart phones, USB flash drives, digital cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, and video surveillance recorders, etc.
  • Media Type: mechanical hard disk, solid state hard disk, notebook hard disk, mobile hard disk, U disk, SD card, TF card, CF card, etc.
  • File System: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, XFS, JFS, CDFS, UFS, YAFFS, YAFFS2, etc.
  • Fault Type: partition table information loss, boot sector information loss, file loss damage, virus intrusion, hacker attack, misformat, accidental deletion, reinstallation system data loss, human damage, false Ghost clone, bad track, firmware corruption, the BIOS does not recognize the disk, the hard disk is abnormal, the motor does not turn, the head burns, the head ages, the head chip is damaged, and the RAID fault occurs, etc.

Second, password recovery services

  • Windows login password recovery;
  • Linux login password recovery;
  • Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) password recovery;
  • Microsoft Outlook, Access password recovery;
  • WPS document password recovery;
  • PDF document password recovery;
  • Compressed files (RAR, ZIP, etc.) password recovery.

Third, a variety of service methods

  • Customer Send to Repair: The customer brings the storage media to the our office for testing and data recovery;
  • Customer Mailing: The customer mails the storage media to the our office for testing and data recovery;
  • On-site Data Recovery: The our engineer carries professional equipment to the site of the customer's location for data recovery;
  • On-site Retrieve Media: The our engineer carries the work order and confidentiality agreement to the customer's location to retrieve the storage media back to the office for data recovery.


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