Security Training Services

Security Training Services

Cybersecurity follows the "Wooden Barrel Principle". The principle of a wooden barrel means that a wooden barrel is composed of a plurality of wooden boards. If the length of the wooden boards forming the wooden barrel is different, the maximum capacity of the wooden barrel does not depend on the long wooden board, but on the shortest wooden board. In other words, the cybersecurity level of an organization will be determined by the weakest link in all aspects of cybersecurity. According to ISO27001 information security management system standards and industry best practices, cybersecurity has the characteristics of “three-point technology and seven-point management”. Therefore, cybersecurity management is often the shortest board in enterprise security protection system. Most enterprise information security incidents are not caused by external hackers, but by internal human factors, technical misconfigurations, or natural disasters. Almost all of these accidents can be circumvented through management. Therefore, in order to improve the level of enterprise information security protection as a whole, simply relying on "deployment of security products" will not work. It requires "security management and security technologies to be combined, security awareness and security systems are carried out at the same time”, and all the shortcomings of "wooden barrels" should be filled as much as possible.


Determining the effectiveness of an enterprise's information security protection is ultimately rooted in people, and human beings are one of the most central issues in information security. Any security management system, security technology, security products or services can't protect everyone from every possible security risk. Because no matter how strict the management system, how advanced equipment, how rigorous the system, how complete the data, if the information security awareness of ordinary employees is insufficient, the professional information security skills are insufficient, which will lead to management in the form, the equipment is ineffective, data in the air.


With the increasing emphasis on information security, most enterprises have invested a large amount of money to purchase security products and technologies, and invested more manpower in the construction of security management systems. However, they have invested less in personnel information security training. Ignoring people is the biggest threat to information security management, and people's weak security awareness is the shortest board for information security management. With the rapid development of business, the pressure on information security risks faced by enterprises is increasing. They must invest more in information security training, let security professionals master the necessary skills, let ordinary employees develop security habits, improve the security awareness of all employees, only can better defuse corporate security risks.


We provide professional security training services based on deep security knowledge system, rich industry accumulation and security practice experience. Design a comprehensive security training system for customers, the system covers information security strategy, information security management, information security technology and information security awareness. It also subdivides various fields and can develop targeted and time-sensitive training tailored to customer needs, so as to solve the actual information security problem of the enterprise in a short time, rapidly improve the security awareness, related technology and management level of employees. We provide a role-based information security training course system, including corporate executive security training courses, middle management security training courses and grassroots employee security training courses. Corporate executives have a wide range of information, high levels, and sensitive information. Because of the busy work, it is easy to cause negligence in the confidentiality of information, so it is easy to become a key attack target. In addition, corporate executives receive information security training, which can play a leading role in improving the information security awareness of all employees, and drive all employees to pay attention to information security. Middle management personnel are the backbone of the implementation of corporate strategies and policies. If the information security understanding is in place, it can not only implement the enterprise's information security strategy well, but also drive the grassroots employees to actively implement information security protection measures, and the implementation of supervision measures is in place. Grassroots employees are the executors of information security policies and specific measures. Due to the large number of people, the specific information of contact is rich, and it is easy to be used as a breakthrough by hackers, becoming the group that is the most vulnerable to leaking information. Therefore, security training for all employees of the enterprise is imminent.


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