Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting Services

Once upon a time, there was a famous doctor Bian Que's story: Wei Wen Wang asked a famous doctor, Bian Que, "Three brothers in your family are all good at medicine. Which one is the best?" Bian Que replied, "Eldest brother is the best, elder brother Secondly, I am the worst." Wen Wang asked again, "Then why are you most famous?" Bian Que replied, "The eldest brother cures the disease, and he treats the disease before the illness attack. Because most people don't know that he can eradicate the cause beforehand, so his fame can't be transmitted; the elder brother cures the disease, and he treats the disease at the beginning of the illness. Most people think that he can only cure minor minor illnesses, so his fame is only in his hometown. And I am treating the disease when the condition is serious. Most people see me doing major surgery on patients, such as bleeding through a needle in the meridian and applying medicine on the skin, so most people think that my medical skills are so high, and the reputation is so loud throughout the country."


This story tells us that the real master is nip in the bud. Prevention is always simpler than treating diseases, and the cost is the lowest. It can make people not sick. This is the real medical master. It is also remarkable to be able to find and treat at the beginning of the disease. When you are seriously ill, it is a last resort. You must make great efforts. Moreover, in case of terminally ill, the miracle doctor, also powerless.


We are inspired by this story, the essence of cybersecurity is the process of offensive and defensive confrontation.The construction of the cybersecurity system should follow the closed-loop security defense concept of “pre-protection, in-process monitoring, and after-treatment”. Take security precautions beforehand, before the hacker finds system vulnerabilities, so that hackers can't get in, or extend hacker attack time; Do a good job of security situation monitoring, in the event of hacking, we should be able to visualize hacking behavior and detect attacks in a timely manner; In the unlikely event that the hacker is successfully invaded, we should be able to deal with the accident after the incident, investigate the retrospective and even solve the murderer, and it is never too late to mend, and summing up experience, optimize the security strategy, improve the security level, and resist the next hacker attack.


We provide professional security consulting services based on deep safety knowledge system, rich industry accumulation and project implementation experience. Based on international standards, domestic standards and industry norms, based on the security concept of “pre-protection, in-process monitoring, and after-treatment”, through the standardized project operation mechanism, the methodology of “Make Plan->Current Status Survey->Risk Assessment->System Planning->System Establishment” is used. From multiple dimensions such as security organization, security management, security technology, and security operations, we assist enterprises to identify security risks and propose overall security system planning recommendations to help enterprises establish a comprehensive cybersecurity system.


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