AXIS F7315 Cable White 15 m 5506-821

  • Brand: AXIS
  • Model: AXIS-F7315-CABLE-WHITE-15-M

Product Summary

AXIS F7315 is equipped with four 15-meter (49-foot) white cables. These cables have RJ12 connectors. Compatible products Modular cameras AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit AXIS F1004 Micro Sensor Unit AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit AXIS F34 Main Unit AXIS F34 Surveillance system AXIS F41 Main Unit AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input AXIS F44 Main Unit AXIS F8804 AXIS FA1105 Sensor Unit AXIS FA1125 Sensor Unit AXIS FA3105-L Eyeball Sensor Unit AXIS FA4115 Dome Sensor Unit AXIS FA54 Main Unit Fixed cameras AXIS P1244 AXIS P1245 AXIS...


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